Weekend Love


4 (22)

Spring time is finally here!! Which means I am craving smoothies and salads. And Vitamin D!

Also, grilling season is just around the corner and I need to try this Raspberry BBQ sauce.. yes, please.

How cute are these petite portobello pizzas??? I’m a sucker for anything described as “petite”.

Can’t stop thinking about these little lemon bites. yum.

Creating Space for Yourself – a good read about creating the feeling of spaciousness in your daily life.

6 health lessons from the paleo diet – I don’t support restricting yourself to a specific “diet” template but this article has some good points about living a healthy lifestyle that everyone can, and should, adopt.

Also, I loved this article with tips to lose weight that have nothing to do with food. I know this time of year is all about getting that “bikini body” ready and of course nutrition is important but self-love should ALWAYS come first!

Just because I do yoga, doesn’t mean I’m flexible. But it does mean I listen to my body.

And some good reminders 😉

“Show up for your fears today, even though you’re afraid…fears vanish as you continually face them!”


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