Monkey Mind Food

Here are some of the things that are feeding my monkey mind lately…

after finishing off most of my easter candy (yes, it only took me three days) I want to put the rest all over my face.

I’ve been craving some out-of-the-ordinary things lately. like margarita pizza, berries and spinach salads, quesadillas, and polenta. Also pancakes.

these things college should have taught you are all true. the end.

great tips for cooking staples at home, both for saving money and being mindful of all the ingredients in your food.

this visual guide to nut portion sizes makes me incredibly sad, but it’s a good reminder as I tend to eat nuts by the handful. although, so is this. Now I don’t feel so bad about the jar of almond butter I opened less than a week ago that the dog was licking clean last night…yup. bikini season, here I come!


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