foodie friday

recipes that caught my eye this week – enjoy!

roasted strawberry and rhubarb parfaits – yes, please!

grilled cheese topped with a fried egg – how have I not done this???

if you know me, you know I love carrot cake…but who has time to bake it??

grain-free pizza – just seven ingredients! yup, seven. (including water and salt)

meatballs with tangy cilantro chive sauce – um, yum.

quinoa banana skillet – haven’t made quinoa in a while but it might have to happen now!

zoodles!! I know it doesn’t replace pasta but it’s a nice swap once in a while! plus it’s just a fun word.

so many layers but it looks like this birthday cake is worth the trouble.

I’m thinking I need to bring smoothies back into my life…

mixed berry chia jam – would be prefect on these lemon scones or this paleo banana bread (which I have made and it’s delicious).


If you try any of these recipes, let me know how it goes!

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