weekend reads

Here are some of the things that feed my monkey mind…

now that I’m out of college and living on my own (for almost a year now!! yikes!) I’m always looking for money saving tips and financial advice. (following it is another story)

I’ve been worried about not getting enough calcium since I stopped drinking milk but it seems like I’ll be ok. Don’t forget the Vitamin D though because it helps the body absorb calcium. and makes you happy!

eat your beans!

loved this post on feeding your soul.

and this one on doing the hard things – I find myself falling into this trap and it’s a good reminder to get stuff done so you can be happier and stress less in the long run

modern day dieting: willpower – how much willpower are you spending on your weight every single day?

green food labels make nutrition-poor food seem healthy – don’t believe everything you read on the box at the grocery store. please, just put it down.

spring is a great time to detox and these simple yoga poses can help the body process toxins. also, this guide to the benefits of yoga inversions. I’m telling you, legs up the wall after a long day = heaven.

I am very lucky to have family members that support my crazy eating habits but I try my hardest not to be a snob.


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