What I’ve Been up to Lately


If you know me, you know I’ve been designing my own workouts and schedules for years but with all the other stuff going on in my life right now, I was feeling overwhelmed on a daily basis about what to do and how to progress while listening to my body and working with my schedule. I heard about the Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training program created by the fab ladies at Girls Gone Strong from a podcast interview and everything Molly said resonated with me so well that I purchased the program on a whim (totally unlike me!). I needed to put my training plan in someone else’s hands for a while in order to lighten my mental load and continue to make progress with my physical strength! (tragically poetic, I know) I started at level 2 because I have experience with free weight training and I have a pretty good idea of my body’s limits at this point. I’m in week 4 of the program and it’s kicking my ass in the best way. I love it! I will do a more comprehensive review soon!

I also started wearing my fitbit again which is nice to challenge myself to get those steps in! (Even if it involves running up and down my stairs at home to boost my numbers) I like having the reminder though and it keeps me from sitting too long without taking a break and parking father away from the grocery store, etc.


(Check out this post with a bunch of 10 min workouts you can do at work to keep moving!)


I used to read all the time as a kid (the introvert in me I guess). I just love getting lost in a story or exploring something new. I have a whole list of books from fiction to cookbooks to memoirs to self-help saved on Amazon that I want to read someday. It’s pretty ambitious. I have been reading some non-fiction lately, particularly Sexy By Nature by the lovely Stefani Ruper of Paleo For Women and it has been rocking my world! It’s full of tips on living a radiant, sexy, nourished life and she put in just the right amount of nerdy info so I understand what she’s talking about without getting bored or confused. “Your body is a natural body with natural needs that, when loved properly, loves you right back.” Yup, that’s what this book is about. I will be sharing it with the women in my life and would recommend it to any woman, ever.


Guys, I’m sorry I’m so late to the game, seriously. It’s embarrassing really. I thought I was too cool for instagram but it turns out I’m not. It’s addicting (as you know) and so much fun. Mine is @monkeymindfood and I’d love to hear from you!! I’m working on my photography skills and I haven’t jumped on the selfie bandwagon yet but these fearless leaders are inspiring me.

Ok, that’s it for now because today is my only day off this week and the sun is shining so I’m outta here!


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