Weekend Inspiration

This is just a handful of links to articles and recipes that have inspired me lately. Enjoy!

Untranslatable words from other languages – these made me smile. Sobremesa: (Spanish) the time spent after lunch or dinner, talking to the people you shared the meal with. That’s the best part!

Blueberry Pizza – are you kidding me? YUM

Carrot Cake Waffle Breakfast Sandwich – carrot cake is one of my favorite desserts…what a great idea to turn it into breakfast!

Texas Roadhouse Bread Rolls with Cinnamon Butter – my mom raves about these and I remember eating them years ago… maybe it’s time to bring the roadhouse into our house.

Just in time for the end of summer

Vegetarian Grilling Recipes – 50, yes 50, recipes and I want to try every single one…perfect for labor day grilling shenanigans!

Summer Desserts – those Lemon Ricotta Cookies sound wonderful…

Ice cream round-up – strawberry lemonade cheesecake ice cream, how many desserts is that?? I want a big bowl of coffee ice cream with mud pie mojo…that has to be a great way to start the day right?

Last Minute Gardening – it’s not too late! Beets, arugula, beans, carrots…there’s still time to get ‘em in the ground before the end of summer.

What your food bank really needs – food banks and food shelves get a lot of donations around the holidays but it’s important to remember people need food all year long. Summer can be especially hard for families with children that are not in school.

Are you a victim of the Convenience Illusion? I know I used to be but ever since I started spending more time in the kitchen preparing my own meals, I can’t go back! I’m always excited to try new recipes and learn new cooking skills so it’s easy for me to form those habits.

Let me know what’s inspiring you in the comments!